Student Assistance Program

Stundent Assistance Program (SAP)

COPESMART's Student Assistance Program is designed to help students succeed in their education by providing support outside of the classroom. Our goal is to help students maximize their potential through the right insights and support from a multi-disciplinary professionals that includes doctors, licensed clinical social workers and mental health specialists.










Helpind Students succeed in their education can mean providing some assistance outside of the classroom, too. When a student is overwhelmed, stressed – or even just distracted – by personal or lifestyle situations, they can’t perform to their fullest potential.

45% of college students felt so depressed in the last 4 months that it was difficult to copup the pendamic Situation.
How can COPESMART Student Assistance program provide a solution?

COPESMART will consult with you to verify the student status (School / College / University) and strength of institution, and create a customized SAP Solution that fits your need and budget. We want to work in conjunction with your current counseling efforts and provide 24/7/265 telephone, onsite, texting and video counseling options.

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